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Everyone knows Advance Ready Mix Concrete will deliver quality ready-mix concrete to your jobsite, but did you know we can supply you with other building materials? We stock a wide variety of concrete construction-related products, many of which can be delivered right along with your concrete.

We carry a full range of decorative products, insulating concrete forms, sealers, concrete barriers and crushed concrete for fill. If there is an item that we don’t stock that you need, give us a call and we can special order it for you.


Need concrete? We've got it!

Advance Ready Mix has been providing quality ready-mix concrete to the Louisville market since 1979. We provide concrete for a wide variety of purposes, from sidewalks and sewer projects to arenas and high rises. Advance has the ability to customize a mix just for your project.

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Fill Material

Do you need an inexpensive fill material? Advance Ready Mix provides a quality washout rock material and recycled crushed concrete for backfilling porches, garages, driveways, etc., at a fraction of the cost of a load of stone. It is also great for a laydown pad for a jobsite trailer or construction road. Call today to inquire about this product.


Decorative Concrete

Does your job need a little more life than the ordinary gray concrete? Did you know you could add color directly to your concrete and have it mixed in the truck? Integral color allows you to select from a wide variety of colors for your residential or commercial project. Advance Ready Mix has an in-house color machine to match any color or manufacturer, so there is no need to special-order color.

In addition to supplying color in the concrete, Advance provides a wide variety of decorative concrete products from LM Scofield, Clemons Concrete Coatings and BASF, including acid stains, form and stamp releases, color hardeners, traditional and tinted sealers and stamps. With over 15 years in the decorative concrete business, we can help you create a plan for your project.

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Fiber Reinforcement

Want a mix that will help reduce plastic shrinkage cracking? Tired of working with rebar or wire mesh in your slab, wall or footer? Fiber reinforcement could be your solution. Micro, macro and steel fibers are all available to put into your concrete. Fiber-reinforced concrete is a great solution to save time – and in most cases money – over tying rebar and putting wire mesh in your concrete. The beauty of fiber in concrete is that you know it is always going to be where it is supposed to be, distributed throughout the entire slab and not lying on the bottom. In addition, the synthetic fibers are not susceptible to corrosion like steel products.

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Insulating Concrete Forms

Insulating-concrete-form homes provide a solid investment that is meant to last. All homes built out of concrete share the same basic virtues – beauty, strength, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and peace and quiet. With volatile wood prices, logging's high environmental price tag, and a growing shortage of high-quality lumber, concrete offers a variety of products and construction techniques to provide cost-effective, quality alternatives to wood-frame home construction.

Let Us Supply Your Next Job

Let Advance put our almost 40 years of experience to work for you on your next job. As a local WBE business we can give you the quality and service to exceed the big guys, while helping you meet your local and woman-owned business goals. In addition, every level of management is in town and accessible, so you can rest assured we stand behind our work. Want to know more? Send us an email.

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