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MSD Tunnel Project

Posted in Company News 2 years ago

Over the past couple of years Advance Ready Mix has been a part of an exciting and innovative project that will help create a safer, cleaner environment for our community. This project will have such a tremendous benefit, yet most people have no idea it even exists. This is because the project is happening two hundred feet below our city, stretching four miles from 12th St. to Lexington Rd.  Over the course of three years Advance Ready Mix will provide over 100,000 yards of concrete to making this project a reality.

JF Shea Co. and Traylor Brothers have joint ventured to build this 20+ foot diameter cast in place concrete tunnel to collect polluted storm water before it has the chance to enter our creeks and rivers.  The Waterway Protection Tunnel will capture 25 combined sewer overflow points that now discharge 439 million gallons of mixtures of sewage and rainwater in a typical rainfall year that flow into the South Fork of Beargrass Creek and the Ohio River. The tunnel will capture these overflows and store the mixtures until the rain subsides and sewer system capacity is available. The mixture will then be pumped back into the sewer system and conveyed to our Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center resulting in a safer, cleaner environment and waterways for our community.

This is another example of how Advance Ready Mix is helping make our community better and providing concrete that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about the project, click the link below.