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Free Concrete Design Assistance Now Available for Buildings, Parking Lots and Pavements

Posted in Residential Projects 6 years ago

The National Ready Mix Concrete Association has an amazing free service out there that is available to designers, specifiers and owners – Free concrete design work. While concrete is often times the best construction material for a road, building or parking lot, many times alternative materials are used due to unfamiliarity with concrete. As designers are asked to do more with less, it is often easier to stick with what they know, but this is where the NRMCA steps in to make it easy to design with concrete. The desire of any design team is to give owners the best product available at an affordable price. The NRMCA is there to step in to help prevent the overdesigning and unneeded costs that are often linked with new design ideas. For help with design of a building please reach out to us here at Advance Ready Mix Concrete at 502-587-1881 and we will get the process started for you as an NRMCA member. You can reach out the NRMCA directly at for buildings and for pavements and parking lots.