"Our Quality on Your Schedule"

Advance has seven strategically located plants that give customers a cost-competitive advantage and the ability to get product quickly and efficiently.

Downtown Plants:
161 North Shelby Street
201 North Clay Street

East Louisville Plant:
3098 Element Lane

Southern Indiana Plant:
5000 Keystone Blvd

South Louisville Plant:
6801 Enterprise Drive

Campbellsurg Plant:
268 Carmon Creek Road

Office and Dispatch
161 N. Shelby St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 587-1881
(502) 587-1886 – Fax
(502) 566-7779 – Dispatch





Advance is committed to the success of our residential customers – whether they
build large subdivisions or a single house a year. From apartments and townhouses
to remodeling jobs, Advance brings over a decade of experience that ensures a high-quality job that goes smoothly.

Because our company was founded on service, we respond quickly to customer needs. Last-minute request? Change of plans? We do our best to accommodate your hectic schedule. In addition, our managers spend time on-site. They will even assist in creating a jointing plan for interior or exterior applications at no additional charge.

Contractors and homeowners love Advance specialty mixes. Our mixes provide just the right
combination of strength, workability and price for each part of the residential job.
Advance Footer: A value-engineered solution that is easy to work
Advance Wall: A flowable mix that reduces honeycombing and results in an attractive finish
Advance Driveway: A tough, fiber-reinforced mix that withstands the elements
Advance Interior: A higher slump concrete that provides workability without additional water

An integral part of our service is providing ways for customers to manage costs. Our plants are located near fast-growing residential areas -- with easy access north, south, east and west -- so we can provide cost-effective solutions. Because time is money to our residential customers, we hold our drivers accountable for arriving on schedule. And our high quality means the homeowner is happy with the finished job – which is, of course, essential to the homebuilder’s long-term financial success.

Concrete homes provide a solid investment that is meant to last. All homes built out of concrete share the same basic virtues - beauty, strength, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and peace and quiet. With volatile wood prices, logging's high environmental price tag, and a growing shortage of high quality lumber, concrete offers a variety of products and construction techniques to provide cost effective, quality alternatives to wood-frame home construction.Also, as energy prices continue to rise, concrete homes are a viable option to control your costs. Let Advance put their 15 years of experience in the concrete home market to use for you and call today for more information. Visit www.nudura.com to learn more about concrete homes and the insulating concrete form that we have been selling in Kentucky and Southern Indiana for almost a decade.

Call Advance 502.587.1881 today and let us earn your business.