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Advance has seven strategically located plants that give customers a cost-competitive advantage and the ability to get product quickly and efficiently

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6801 Enterprise Drive

Campbellsurg Plant:
268 Carmon Creek Road

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161 N. Shelby St.
Louisville, KY 40202
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Advance Ready Mix knows that not all mixes are created equal.  This is why we have created our signature line of specialty residential mixes.  We formed these mixes with the contractor and owner in mind!  We know that footer and wall contractors have different needs than flatwork contractors, while the owner simply wants the best end product possible for the best price.  Our mixes are application specific to give you the best product for the job at hand, without costing you a fortune like other concrete companies do for their specialty mixes.  Call us today and try one of our Advance Specialty Mixes.

Advance Footer (ARMIX-Footer) – This mix is going to provide you with a pumpable product that gives good consolidation and is easy to level.  It surpasses all residential codes and specifications for a footer mix in the states of Kentucky and Indiana.

Advance Wall (ARMIX-Wall) – This mix is going to provide you with a flowable and pumpable product that is going to provide great consolidation.  We designed a mix that would allow easier placement into walls and provide a greater assurance that voids and honeycombing will not be present.   It surpasses all residential codes and specifications for a wall mix in the states of Kentucky and Indiana.

Advance Exterior Slab (ARMIX-ExtSlab) – This mix (Also known as Advance Driveway) is going to provide you a product that is finisher friendly and durable.  The Ancient Romans proved to us that durable concrete can be produced and the Advance Exterior Slab mix was designed with that mentality in mind.  We created a mix that finishers like and don’t have to add extra water to it, giving the owner a better end result!

Advance Interior Slab (ARMIX-IntSlab) – This mix is going to provide you with a product that is finisher friendly and reduces shrinkage.  The number one complaint in concrete is irregular cracks; this cracking is a result of shrinkage.  We designed this mix to combat the factors that cause shrinkage, thus reducing its effect on your concrete.  All concrete will crack, but with Advance Interior Slab mix we will reduce the chance of irregular cracking.

Advance Ready Mix has been supplying commercial jobs since it was founded over 30 years ago.  In fact, Advance Ready Mix was created to service this market and provide benefits that other concrete companies wouldn’t.  Over our history we have seen just about everything and have worked on commercial jobs big and small.  Many of these projects required us to create job specific mixes; a task we are willing and capable of performing.  Call Advance today to take advantage of specialty commercial mixes and let us put our years of experience to work for you.

Call Advance 502.587.1881 today and let us earn your business.