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Advance has seven strategically located plants that give customers a cost-competitive advantage and the ability to get product quickly and efficiently.

Downtown Plants:
161 North Shelby Street
201 North Clay Street

East Louisville Plant:
3098 Element Lane

Southern Indiana Plant:
5000 Keystone Blvd

South Louisville Plant:
6801 Enterprise Drive

Campbellsurg Plant:
268 Carmon Creek Road

Office and Dispatch
161 N. Shelby St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 587-1881
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Everyone knows that Advance Ready Mix Concrete will delivery quality ready mix concrete to your jobsite, but did you know that we also can supply you with other building materials? We stock a wide variety of concrete construction related products, many of which can be delivered right along with your concrete. If there is an item that we don’t stock that you need, give us a call and we can special order it for you.

Materials Brought on Mixers
EVRT Evaporation Retardant
Surface Retardants
Sealers – Clear
Sealers – Brown
Sealers – Gray
Cure and Seal
4 Mil Polyethlene – 20 x 100 Roll
Rebar – 10’ #4 Bar (½” diameter)
Rebar – 5’ #4 Bar (½” diameter)
Expansion Joints (Fiber & Foam)
Test Cylinders
Topcast Surface Retarders
Colored Release Agents (for stamping concrete)
Liquid Release Agents (for stamping concrete)
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Penetrating Sealers (water based)
Concrete Stains

Materials Added to Your Mix
Accelerating Admixtures – Help you get faster set times, great for cold weather.
Non-Chloride Accelerator
High Early Accelerator
Liquid Calcium Chloride Accelerator
Straight Cement

Water Reducing Admixtures – Gives you a flowable, high-slump concrete without water.
Mid-Range (MRWR)
Superplasticizer (HRWR)

Retarding Admixtures – Need more time to work your concrete? This admixture is your answer.

Exposed Aggregate – Want a concrete that allows for the surface to be washed off and the aggregates exposed? Order Advance Ready Mix’s exposed aggregate mixes.
Pea Gravel (3/8” top size aggregate)
#67 Gravel (3/4” top size aggregate)

Fiber –Want a mix that will help reduce plastic shrinkage cracking?  Tired of working with rebar or wire mesh in your slab, wall or footer?  Fiber reinforcement could be your solution.  Micro, macro and steel fibers are all available to put into your concrete, call us today for details.

Integral Color – Does your job need a little more life than the ordinary gray concrete? Did you know that you could add color directly to your concrete and have it mixed in the truck? Integral color allows you to select from a wide variety of colors for your residential or commercial project.
L.M. Scofield Colors
Davis Colors

Materials Delivered Separately or Picked-up
Bag Cement
Nudura Insulating Concrete Forms
Delta MS Waterproofing
Rebar – 20’ pieces (any grade or diameter)
Concrete Blocks –6’ x 3 ’ x 3 ’
Concrete Blocks (with stone pattern face) – 6’ x 2’ x 2’
Stone, Gravel or Sand
Recycled Concrete Fill
Stamps (for sale and rental)
Acid Stains
Color Hardeners
In-So Fast Insulation (for finishing basements)

Fill Material -Do you need an inexpensive fill material?  Advance Ready Mix provides a quality washout rock material for back filling porches, garages, driveways, etc; at a fraction of the cost of a load of stone.  Call today to inquire about this product.

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