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Advance has seven strategically located plants that give customers a cost-competitive advantage and the ability to get product quickly and efficiently.

Downtown Plants:
161 North Shelby Street
201 North Clay Street

East Louisville Plant:
3098 Element Lane

Southern Indiana Plant:
5000 Keystone Blvd

South Louisville Plant:
6801 Enterprise Drive

Campbellsurg Plant:
268 Carmon Creek Road

Office and Dispatch
161 N. Shelby St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 587-1881
(502) 587-1886 – Fax
(502) 566-7779 – Dispatch




Advance Ready Mix Concrete believes in supporting local and national organizations. As a company Advance routinely contributes time and money to local trade associations and charitable organizations. We feel strongly that it is our duty as a company and member of the community to participate everywhere that we can. We are active members of the following organizations:

Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Associated Builders and Contractors of Kentuckiana (ABC)

Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors (KAHC)

Kentucky Ready Mix Concrete Association (KRMCA)

National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA)

Did You Know?
Everyone knows that concrete is used for footers, foundations, slabs and sidewalks, but did you know that concrete has a lot of other uses? Due to the fact that concrete begins in a plastic state, you can design and mold it in many different ways. You can also change the mix design of concrete and create concrete that reaches 10,000 psi or that allows water to drain right through it. You will find many helpful links below that will allow you to know many new ways concrete can be used.

Pervious Concrete - Imagine a concrete that can help to control storm water runoff, allows water to run right through it and reduces retention basin sizes. This is all achievable with pervious concrete. Remember with pervious concrete – “When it rains, it drains!”

Concrete Homes - Imagine surviving a tornado with little damage to your house or making it through winter without worrying about your heating bill. These two benefits, along with many others are possible when you build your house out of concrete. You can go to www.nudura.com for information about how to build your concrete home using Nudura Insulating Concrete Forms.

Flowable Fill – Imagine a concrete that can fill trenches and cavities without you having to worry about voids and compaction or a concrete that allows for easy excavation years after it has been poured. Flowable fill is a concrete product that is great solution for compaction sensitive projects.

Concrete Parking Lots – Imagine pulling into your business at night and needing little lighting to see or having a parking lot that helps the environment. Concrete parking lots have a long list of benefits to owners of buildings large and small, including longer life and better curb appeal.

Roller Compacted Concrete - Imagine a pavement that has the strength and durability properties of concrete and the cost of asphalt. Roller Compacted Concrete is a product that can provide this very mix. It is ideal for commercial and industrial drives and parking lots as well as subdivision roads.

Ultra Thin Whitetopping - Imagine taking your old and rutting asphalt and turning it into a new and durable pavement with only four inches of concrete. Ultra thin Whitetopping (UTW) allows you to do this very thing. UTW allows the thin concrete to bond with the underlying asphalt to create a pavement section that can withstand the traffic of heavy trucks and intersections.

Concrete Questions?
No matter how much technology advances the concrete industry, problems still can occur. We do our best to provide the best mix possible to reduce problems on the jobsite. However, sometimes the weather, finishing procedures or other things can cause you to have a job that just doesn’t live up to expectations. If you have questions about concrete or concrete problems you can view the National Ready Mix Concrete Association’s CIP’s (Concrete in Practice) Series for answers to most questions. You can also email Advance Ready Mix at info@advancereadymix.com with specific questions.

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